dae•mon [dee-muhn]


A program that is not invoked explicitly, but lies dormant waiting for some condition(s) to occur.

condition to occur


A high score, a new table release, missing artwork or ROM file or just a user browsing tables.


  • Simple design based on Twitter Bootstrap.

  • Vector icons make sure everything is looking crispy at any resolution or zoom setting.

  • CSS for realistic DMD and buttons.

  • Responsive design. Works well on desktop, tablet and phone screen sizes.


Syncronize HyperPin's database with Pind. Enable and disable tables with one click.

  • Connect to ipdb.org and enhance the browsing experience with data from world’s largest pinball database.

  • Automatically retrieve missing ROMs, table artwork and videos from vpforums.org’s huge download section.

  • Visual

    Adjust rotation settings with one click. Sync high scores using PINemHi as soon as the ROM writes them to disk.

  • Real-time fuzzy search on VPF’s cabinet downloads. See results popping up while typing.

  • Queue downloads and let pind automatically search for ROMs, media packs and table videos.

  • Manage and monitor downloads in real-time. Everything stays in sync in all your browser windows.

  • List high scores of all tables on one single page.

  • Get hassle-free upgrades with two clicks, including info about new features, logs and history.


Of course such a project would be impossible without the help of Underscore.JS, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Stylus, Jade and many more.


After initial installation, Pind can update itself automatically. Also check out the GitHub project page, which contains a complete feature list as well as additional information.


Everything you see here is free and open source. I've entirely coded it in my spare time and will continue to do so. I believe that openly sharing code is the future of innovative software design, and I appeal to everyone to do so as well. The pinball community needs more open source software!

If you find bugs (which you will - we're in beta after all), feel free to use GitHub's issue tracker. Or even better, fork the repository and submit a pull request directly. If you have suggestions, ideas, complaints or even compliments, feel free to post them here.

You can check out my cabinet built thread here - this is the main motivation behind the project, but as a coder I have a need to play around with new technologies. This was very interesting, specially the real-time part, but also writing server-side code in JS was more fun than expected.